Terms of Use

This User Agreement (here and after - the Agreement) for the use of the website https://empireschool.com.ua (hereinafter - the Site) was developed by the Site Administration and defines the terms of use and development of the Site, as well as the rights and obligations of its Administration and Users. The Agreement also applies to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties who are not users of the Site, but whose rights and interests may be violated as a result of the actions of Site Users.
The Agreement's subject is the Site Administration's provision to the User of services for the use of the Site and its resources and services (hereinafter - Services). The Agreement between the User and the Site Administration includes all particular documents regulating the provision of individual services of the Site and posted in the appropriate sections of the Site on the Internet.
The user is obliged to fully familiarize himself with this Agreement before registering its subdomains on the Site. Registration of the User on the Site means full and unconditional acceptance (Acceptance) of this Agreement by the User.
This Agreement may be changed and/or supplemented by the Site Administration unilaterally without any special notification. This Agreement is an open and publicly available document. The Site Administration recommends that Users regularly check the terms of this Agreement for changes and/or additions. The User's continued use of the Site after making changes and/or additions to this Agreement means the User's acceptance and agreement with such modifications and/or additions.
To be able to use the Site, you must accept this User Agreement. The User accepts the Agreement by clicking the button to accept the User Agreement when registering on the Site.
Terms and definitions. In this Agreement, unless the text clearly states otherwise, the following terms shall have the following meanings: – WEB site – a collection of information, texts, graphic design elements, images, photos and video materials, and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs that are contained in the information system, which ensures the availability of such information at a network address (domain) on the Internet. – Subdomain (Site) – a domain that is part of a higher-level domain (WEB site), which is created for direct access to the Site to receive information and methodical materials and services by the terms of the contract and can have any network address on the Internet after the symbol "/" and the domain zone identifier.
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